Where to start thinking about your new Architectural project

If your site is able to be developed, you have probably already begun to think about whether your existing space suits the way you live/work and how you might want to change things.

Have you seen something similar before in a home furnishing or building magazine or at a friend or neighbour's house?

Try keeping a scrapbook of ideas as you start gathering your thoughts, perhaps from magazines or web sites like Pinterest. Think about why you have chosen each image -is it the overall effect you are looking for, or is it to focus a single item, shape or colour that you like?

It is often helpful to have a priority list of:


If you were to do nothing else, what are the things you hope to achieve as a minimum.

'Nice to Haves'

What might you hope to achieve over and above the minimum

'Wish list'

Aspirations for elements that you can't afford now, but may hope to in the future.

A professional Architect will be able to guide you through the process and provide a fresh perspective on the possible creative solutions but will always seek to build upon your ideas and expectations. These initial ideas begin to take shape in the briefing process